This project included a makeover for the front and backyards. We started by veneering a flagstone patio on top of the old concrete patio. We kept the brick wall around the patio for appeal but added new pipes and gravel behind it to allow it to drain properly. We built new flower beds with stone retaining walls to improve the view of the yard from the pool.  We created a new pathway leading to the shed using large steppers and river rocks. We also added new drain boxes and piped out the existing gutters to pop-up drains.  In the front yard we contracted C & E paving to lay a new asphalt driveway. Where the driveway widens by the house we replaced the old wooden timbers with a stacked stone retaining wall and placed large cap stones all along the side of the driveway. Lastly we removed the old timber flower beds in the front of the house, regraded the yard and added new plants and mulch.

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