This is the second project we’ve completed for The Congressional Schools of Virginia. The thought behind this project was to rebuild their playground and turn the unused hillside into a kid-friendly play area using natural elements. First step was to have some of the trees removed that were rotting or damaged. We purposely left some of the tree stumps for sitting on. After removing some of the trees, weeds and vines from the hill side the next step was to correct the drainage. We built a dry creek bed using decorative boulders and river rock to carry the water down the hill and allow it to percolate into the ground. We installed 2 slides at the top of the hill, we created a gravel path for access up and down the hill and we installed boulders throughout the hill for sitting and playing. Congressional had all new ‘nature-themed’ play ground equipment installed and we made a sand pit area for smaller children to play in with a few low boulders around the perimeter for sitting on. Lastly, our partners Clifton Contracting built a custom gazebo to provide a shaded area for parents and teachers to sit while watching the kids play.

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