“Dry” river beds are designed to look fantastic during sunny times, then become functional during rainy times to carry surface water where it needs to go to protect homes and yards from damaging water intrusion or erosion. Custom Stonescaping takes a combination artististic/engineering approach when designing river beds. By selecting natural boulders, a mix of river rock sizes, incorporating plantings, and a natural flow to the river bed shape, the river bed can become a focal point of the garden. Then when the storm hits the dry river bed can be a lifesaver carrying away the storm water protecting your home and property. Hidden below all of the pretty design is a combination of commercial quality landscaping fabric to prevent soil migration, and perforated drain pipe to make sure the maximum amount of surface water can daylight where desired. We can also add stepping stones, natural stone bridges, and Japanese tea bridges to allow access across the dry river bed. Let us show you how your drainage and erosion problems can be solved with a beautiful dry river bed.

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