Custom Stonescaping can design and install your new paver block, permeable paver block or granite block driveway. We also have a partnership with Aasco and C&E paving companies to assist in installing a custom asphalt driveway that can blend seamlessly with our work adjacent to it. Custom Stonescaping can also build more eclectic driveways using mixed materials, gravels, pea gravel, or using interesting combinations such as asphalt with inset granite cobblestones or granite edging. Permeable paver block driveways are becoming very popular with some jurisdictions giving tax credits or subsidizing part of the installation price. The advantage of permeable pavers is minimal rain water runoff leaves your property to go into the county storm sewer system taking lawn and other chemicals with it. Instead the water can percolate into the soil on your property not harming the watershed. Custom Stonescaping can design and install your total landscape plan including the design and coordination of the driveway as well.

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