Custom Stonescaping can install both “dry set” or “wet set” patios. Dry set or dry laid patios require a gravel base for drainage, and either a stone dust or sand layer to help ensure the top stones or pavers are level. The joints are then filled with stone dust, sand, pea gravel, or polymeric sand.  Wet set or veneered patios require a concrete slab base over gravel with wire mesh and or rebar in the concrete first. Stone can then be mortared or veneered onto the concrete base. The joints are then filled solid with mortar. Custom Stonescaping can build any size or shape patio. Often times on organic free flowing shape is preferred and can be cut into whatever shape the client chooses at no additional cost. Both dry set and wet set patios have advantages and disadvantages depending on the location and the application. Contact us to come out for a free site visit to help you decide what patio is right for you.

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