Natural stone boulders come in all shapes and sizes. From football helmet size accent boulders adorning a dry riverbed to mammoth, mossy, rugged, boulders anchoring in a hillside, boulders can be throughout the entire landscape. When done properly the boulders should be ⅓ buried in the soil so as not to appear like an asteroid landed in your front yard but a stone outcropping that has been there since well before the home was built. By combining boulders with stacked walls, amazing natural stone retaining walls complete with plantings can be created. Boulders can have custom house numbers mounted on them, be a part of water features, be used for seating around a patio, or as an accent in a garden. Jeff at Custom Stonescaping is a master at selecting and installing the correct size and shape boulders in your stonescape, and by the way, he LOVES to work with them.

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