Deer resistant plants are an attempt to select varieties that deer would not choose to eat given other more suitable choices. Prickly, thorny, and smelly plants tend to make deer move on, as opposed to leafy, soft, juicy plantings. If the plant looks like it could be on a salad bar, it will BE a salad bar for deer. Hosta, euonymus, and laurels are like ice cream for a deer. Hollies, barberries, lilacs and cotoneaster are some of the plantings that are the last to be eaten. If deer are starving however almost every plant will be a candidate for a meal. If you choose mostly from the deer resistant list however, you will have much greater success having the deer move on and not bother your plantings. Another option of course is deer fencing in areas that are highly prone to herds of wandering deer. Custom Stonescaping can install deer fencing in these circumstances to protect you plantings investment.

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