Generally when you control the surface water it the most economical and easiest way to protect your home from water infiltration. If however, you still have moldy walls, or water intrusion the next step is to waterproof your exterior walls. This process consists of excavation around the problem area(s), cleaning the exterior wall, locating and filling all cracks with hydraulic cement, parging if necessary, painting on a black seal coating, installing a footer drain and or sump pump as needed, backfilling the site in tamped layers, installing a plastic liner system, final backfilling sloped away from home, and reinstalling plantings and mulching as needed.The last resort is to stop water that is intruding from under the concrete slab floor (usually from an underground spring). This process involves installing an interior french drain system. Generally the interior french drain is the most costly and invasive approach to waterproofing, but in some cases is the only solution.

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