Water features are designed and built for many reasons. Relaxation, bird and animal attraction, beautification of an area, noise abatement, focal point, raising koi, and growing water plantings are some of the many reasons why our clients want a water feature. Water features range from a simple man made, store bought bubbling fountain to large custom built natural stone waterfalls flowing down a stream bed into a pond. Clients have been trending toward “pondless water features” over the past 10 years. Custom Stonescaping has been a frontrunner in this type of water feature for  over a decade. The pondless concept gives you all of the benefits of a beautiful waterfall, without the negatives of standing water in a pond such as mosquitoes, drowning, leaves to muck out, algae, and the liner subject to puncture.  Contact us to visit your site, and determine what type of water feature would best suit your needs.

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