Permeable pavers are the exact same material as regular pavers designed for walkways, patios, and driveways. The difference that makes them permeable is the gap between the joints are larger as determined by a small tab built into each block (that you cannot see once installed) and the materials used for the base and joints. A special geotextile fabric is installed first. The geotextile keeps the soil from migrating up through the gravel, stabilizes the blocks, and allows water to percolate through. The next layer is crushed blue stone call #57’s, followed by a bedding layer of crushed blue stone called #8’s. The pavers are then installed by hand, machine tamped, and cleaned. The final step is very important. #8’s or #9’s crushed blue stone MUST be used in the joints. If polymeric sand or masonry sand is used the pavers will NOT be considered permeable.

Custom Stonescaping is an authorized and certified installer of both standard and permeable pavers. Custom Stonescaping is both ICPI and PICP certified. Custom Stonescaping is Arlington county’s certified permeable paver installer under their StormWater Wise program, as well as Washington DC’s Riversmart Homes Program.

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